Mark Benjamin

Mark Benjamin is the author of two books - one, in an adult urban fantasy series, The Royal Blood Chronicles; and the second, a short story. Devouring all books he could get his hands on from an early age, he managed to ruin his eyesight by reading (when he should have been asleep) under his bedcovers with a torch (video games had no say in his bad eyesight...okay, maybe a little). His love of books translated to a passion for writing, which he began aged ten (he still has his first juvenile novel to this day).

Currently working for a national bank, his dream job is to be a full-time author, a path he fully took when he sent a sample of his work to a ten-week introductory fiction course funded by an American foundation and conducted worldwide in 2010. Out of the 15 available slots, one was his out of hundreds of thousands of applicants (okay, perhaps a slight  exaggeration, but it was advertised in the national dailies).

When not writing his third book or planning literary world domination, Mark enjoys spending time with his wife, entertaining his under one-year old daughter, playing on his Playstation (AnnA) and reading (obviously).

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1. He comes from a large family. His paternal grandparents had 10 children and his maternal grandparents had 12 children. He has cousins, nephews and nieces, whom he doesn't know O_O When it comes to his siblings, they are seven in total, namely: Amos, Anne, Eric, Elizabeth, Charles (RIP), himself, Winnie and Joseph.

2. Pleasurable pain is something he believes in. Not the kinky stuff mind you, but the good pain you get when you burst a pimple or pick a scab or get a tattoo. See? Not as weird as you first thought.

3. He has two tattoos on his right forearm and one on his left bicep with the aim of getting more (despite his wife's mild protestations on the same): See number two above.

4. Manchester United aka The Red Devils are his favourite soccer team. When you talk of a die-hard Man United fan, think of him. Sir Alex Ferguson (SAF) is still his favourite manager and Cristiano Ronaldo (former Manchester United player and current Real Madrid forward) is his all-time favourite soccer player. GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED!

5. Pierced ears were the in-thing in his high school days (over a decade ago *gasps*) and he has two piercings on his left ear and one on his right, though in all probability they have now closed up: See number two above.

6. Once when in Manchester, England, visiting old friends during his university days, they took a trip to the Theatre of Dreams (Old Trafford, home to the greatest soccer team this world has ever known). Unfortunately, they found it closed to guests as the visiting hours were not on their side. Dismayed, disheartened, disappointed (and any other dis- word you can come up with that fits the mood) the guard was about to turn them away when a short, bespectacled, regal lady appeared as if sent by God. She spoke to them and heard their dire predicament, generating a great rapport with them. Turning to the guard, she told him to let them through...which he did! Amazed at how she could have such influence, they asked her  her name. She said, "Norma Charlton". They almost collapsed. She was the wife to Sir Robert "Bobby" Charlton! In his words, he can never forget that day. GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED!: See number four above.

7. Sports has always been part of his life. He played for the senior basketball team when he was a junior; he played his first and last rugby tournament in high school after he got a concussion; and at work, played for the wining staff soccer team in a tournament in 2014. The next game he plans to get himself into shall be golf. FORE!

8. He attended a three-month coffee training programme in 2013 and is a certified barista. He has never touched a cup of coffee since, drinking too much of it during the programme.

9. Positive by now that you're in awe of Mark Benjamin, he is also a wonderful specimen to the local dentists. In his jaw, he still has his milk teeth having only lost four teeth as a child. Two were further extracted by the dentist as an adult (definitely NOT, a number two above). With this in mind, X-Rays show that he shall not grow wisdom teeth either, and shall not feel the pain that the general populace undergo :-D

10. Loves to horse ride and has never once been thrown off by the mammals holding the scientific name Equus caballus, although once a stallion named Caesar  scared him silly by unexpectedly running into a full throttle gallop /o\

11. If not being a full-time author as his dream job, his next in line would be that of a video game tester. What better way to earn money than by playing video games all day? Not only that, but what about coming up with story lines for the video game creators to use? Hey!  He just merged two of his dream jobs together!  \o/

12. If you haven't already noticed, Mark enjoys using smileys liberally :-) But fear not, they don't appear in any of his novels...yet! :-D

13. Mark Benjamin is a pen name, a combination of his first name and confirmation name, and thus the use of an avatar as his profile picture. However, everything  else remains true and honest.